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O Candleholder Silver - LIFE MODERNE

O Candleholder Silver

  • $ 69.00

From the obelisks of ancient Egypt to the carved totems of the Native Americans to the stacked stone cairns of the Celtic people, every culture throughout history has used some form of towering object to convey meaning. The TOTEM COLLECTION gives a gentle and abstracted nod to these powerful yet elemental structures.

"I was originally inspired by African sculptures. These shapes are geometric but almost primal. It's amazing that a simple object can reach us on such a deep level." - Nima Oberoi


Size: 6.5" H; 4" L; 2.75" W
Finish: Goldplate


Size: 8.5" H; 6" L; 3.25" W
Finish: Goldplate


Size: 12.5" H; 10" L; 4" W
Finish: Goldplate

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