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Rosenthal Tac 02 White Dinnerware

  • $ 46.00

Walter Gropius, the worldwide founder of the Bauhaus has brought the designs and maxims of classical modern styles on the table. A popular classic artist who has achieved perfection with the TAC 02 White Dinnerware. Items include: Bread and Butter Plate 6.25in, Dessert Plate 7.5in, Salad Plate 8.5in, Dinner Plate 11.5in,Service Plate 13in, Rim Soup Plate 8in, Rim Soup 9.5in, Bowl 5.5in, Soup Tureen 101oz, Covered Vegetable Bowl 54oz, Sauce Boat 18.5oz, Oval Platter 13.5in, Oval Platter 15in, Open Vegetable Bowl 7.5in, Open Vegetable Bowl 10.25in 98oz, Open Vegetable Bowl 13.75in 135oz, Coffee Pot 50oz, Tea Pot 20oz, Tea Pot 45oz, Covered Sugar Bowl 7oz, Creamer 8.5oz, Low Tea saucer 6.33in, Low Tea Cup 8oz, AD Saucer, 5.5in, AD Cup 3oz, Combi Saucer 6.33in, Combi Cup 10oz, Dish 2.75in, Bowl 4in, Cereal Bowl 6in, Dip Bowl 4oz, Mug.

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